London Event String Trio – 5 Reasons Why Our Live String Groups are the Best Choice for Your Event

string trio marylebone hall - Blue Topaz Strings
Our String Trio in the Westminster Room at the Old Marylebone Town Hall

Why is Our London Event String Trio the best for your event?

In a world where tech, synthetic sounds and backing tracks are all around, we have come to realise that our London event string trio purely live performances are actually worth having a little shout about! (shout shout!!) They can also be a huge advantage for you when booking music for your event.

When receiving enquiries for our London event string trio, one of the biggest concerns from couples and most frequently asked questions is,

‘Our venue doesn’t allow amplification, what does that mean? And do Blue Topaz Strings need to use it?’

Read on to discover the answer to this question, 4 other reasons why to book our string groups and to hear us play completely live!

Our London event acoustic String Trio at the Asylum Chapel in Peckham, London.
Our London event acoustic String Trio at the Asylum Chapel in Peckham, London.
  1. Our venue doesn’t allow amplification…what does this mean, can you still play for us?
    Amplification is necessary if a group is playing to a backing track, is playing electric instruments or to add increased volume. It means using electricity and plugging in to a sound system with speakers. The good news is we don’t have to use this! The most fantastic thing about our London event string trio and all our string groups is our music is 100% acoustic, with only the pure and natural sound from our instruments, so we don’t need to plug in to amplification or use backing tracks in order to perform for you.
  2. We write fun, beautiful & carefully crafted music
    We pride ourselves on writing bespoke, exciting, fun and beautiful arrangements for our London event string trio – our versions of well known songs that you won’t hear anywhere else, which are sure to delight your guests and spark a fun game of guess that tune!
  3. We offer you exceptional musicians who are chosen individually by us..
    The high standard and quality of our London event string trio players ensures that the music will add a touch of class and sophistication to your event using simply their natural sound and musical ability. No need to rely on backing tracks or fake sounds where musicians will play along with a cd. If you book live music, you’d like it to be live – right?!
  4. We love to play pop music arrangements without track
    A lot of venues have rules and regulations in place that forbid using amplification or electronics, so when you choose our string trio you get the best of all worlds. We can play virtually any song you want including a wide range of pop songs, and as the string trio is 100% acoustic on live instruments, we will always be allowed to play at your event.
  5. We use a fantastic and brilliant double bass in our London Event string trio!
    A lot of groups will claim to play versions of the pop songs you like, however string groups were not all created equally! With the inclusion of our double bass in our London event string trio you will hear a fantastic energy from the bass player tapping and slapping the strings, to create an exciting pop vibe that you won’t get from a traditional string quartet, whilst still being acoustic.
  6. A bonus 6th reason…!
    Acoustic groups are a big tick for the environment!! So you can enjoy our beautiful sounds also safe in the knowledge that you have been thoughtful about this too.

Case study: J and C’s Wedding Aisle Dream Pop Song

We recently had a new commission from a lovely couple getting married at The Barbican Conservatory in London. They were so keen to have a pop track for the aisle song (‘I Do’ by Jeff Akoh) but were really disappointed to discover that the venue would not allow speakers or amplification. Almost resigned to the idea that it wouldn’t happen, they mentioned it to us so we offered our arranging service where we would write a new arrangement for our line up of 2 violins and double bass. They gratefully accepted! We were able to capture the fun up beat vibe, and they danced down the aisle to the music – such a fantastic sight!

The couple were initially worried that this wouldn’t be possible with our London event string trio of two violins and double bass, however we accepted the challenge and they were delighted with the result!

I didn’t know how it would come out, but you guys were AMAZING!! It was exactly what we hoped for and more!

— Laura, Bride

It didn’t matter that the venue didn’t allow any amplification. We managed to capture the vitality of the track regardless, with our acoustic version.

One of our lovely double bass players posing at Hever Castle before playing for our live acoustic string trio
One of our lovely double bass players posing at Hever Castle before playing for our live acoustic string trio

So when you’re deciding which music to book, remember that our London Event String Trio and other string line ups offer quality, a high standard of playing from our talented musicians, a wonderful choice of music, all beautifully presented with a live acoustic performance that you will not forget!

A picture of the Blue Topaz String Trio at Hampton Court Palace wearing pink dresses
String Trio at Hampton Court Palace

If you would like to see how we can make your event sparkle with our live acoustic pop covers feel free to drop us a message at

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Co-written by Anna and Libby, Directors of Blue Topaz Music

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