What is the difference between our Exclusive String Trio & String Quintet & a standard String Quartet?

This question regarding differences between our Exclusive String Trio, Exclusive String Quintet and a Traditional String Quartet is possibly the most asked question we receive, and understandably so! There are many String Quartets who offer their services for weddings – including us!

However, our Exclusive String Trio and Exclusive String Quintet are unique products so it is no wonder that people are less familiar with them.

Exclusive String Quintet of 4 violins and double bass playing ‘in action’ on the balcony at Banking Hall in the City of London. The photograph has been taken from behind the double bass player showing the Banking Hall in the shot behind. The musicians are wearing matching bright blue evening dresses.
The Exclusive String Quintet at Banking Hall in the City of London.

A Traditional String Quartet has 2 violins, a viola and a cello. This line up creates a tried & tested harmonious sound – perfect for playing classical music. When we say ‘classical’ with regard to weddings, we are generally referring to music by historic composers such as Bach, Mozart, Handel and Elgar.

I recommend our Traditional String Quartet to clients who would mainly like to hear older traditional and classical music at their event.

Our audio string quartet examples are in the pipeline, so here I’m going to refer you to my excellent and wonderful friends at the Carducci String Quartet to demonstrate (link at end of article).

That is not to say that a string quartet cannot play more modern music – of course they can, and we do! However we discovered that by including a double bass in our group we were able to add an extra ‘zing’ to the jazz and pop numbers, predominantly employing the ‘slap-bass’ technique. So for clients looking to include a significant modern/jazz/pop musical element to their day we recommend our Exclusive groups.

It Don’t Mean a Thing – Duke Ellington
Exclusive String Quintet of 4 violins and double bass seated on the landing of the large staircase at the Natural History Museum playing in the bride and groom to their wedding breakfast to the song of ‘Feeling Good’.
The Exclusive String Quartet playing for a wedding at the National History Museum

Here is our promotional video for our Exclusive Trio and Quintet where you can hear the difference. For best results plug in to proper speakers!

Something a bit different..

Our Exclusive groups are currently the Exclusive String Trio (2 violins and double bass) and the Exclusive String Quintet (4 violins and double bass). Both groups work really well with the Exclusive String Quintet making an even larger visual and aural impact.

Picture shows our Exclusive String Trio. Each musician is standing holding their instrument, posing looking out of a floor to ceiling window at the Shangri-La Hotel, London with the view of the City of London and the River Thames shown in the background.
Blue Topaz String Trio at The Shangri-La

We have found that an increasing number of couples would like to hear a mix of musical styles at their wedding or special event and the versatility of the Exclusive groups fulfils this need. The double bass can add a fantastic energy by plucking and tapping the strings using the ‘slap-bass’ technique for the jazz and pop numbers whilst also providing a rich and sonorous sound using the bow for the classical pieces, meaning you get the best of all musical worlds!

icture shows our Exclusive String Quintet performing at One Marylebone in London for a drinks reception with the guests shown in the background. The musicians are wearing matching blue evening dresses.
String Quintet performing at One Marylebone in London

Additionally, we arrange every piece or song we play ourselves. This means we sit down with the original recording (eg Let’s Dance by Bowie ) and re-write the musical lines to fit the group in question – our Exclusive String Trio (3 parts) – or our Exclusive String Quintet (5 parts). We specifically tailor the music to the strengths of the instruments in the group thereby creating a unique sound world of which we are fairly proud! These arrangements are not available for other musicians to buy as sheet music as we make them solely for Blue Topaz Music, which means our product remains unique to us and extra special for your event!

Let’s Dance – David Bowie
Rolling in the Deep – Adele

Here’s an extract from communication during the planning regarding a client who had been tasked with finding musicians for his sister’s wedding:

“Thank you all again for much for being a part of this! I listened to so many groups and thought you all were far and away the best sounding and most passionate about what you do. We are thrilled to have you”

And then after we had played for the event the same client emailed us again:

“I just wanted to reach out and say thanks again! You all played beautifully, the arrangements were spot on and interesting, and you all were just lovely personally! My sister was really happy as were the rest of us. You all really added so much to her special day for which I am eternally grateful. Please keep up the great work and best of luck to you!

Cheers from the U.S”

Joe Schneider

You can read more testimonials by clicking here.

Hopefully this blog clarifies the musical choices available to you, however please also feel free to pick up the phone to discuss your event music further. We’d love to hear from you!



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