London Wedding String Quartet – Walking Down The Aisle Song

London Wedding String Quartet – Walking Down the Aisle Song

Whether you’re planning your entrance on the arm of a family member, going it alone or walking in together with your partner, your walking down the aisle song will be a significant and memorable part of your day.

During our 16 years of performing for weddings, we have helped hundreds of brides choose their perfect walking down the aisle song which we perform as a string duo, trio, string quartet or our string quintet.

Having strings play your special walking down the aisle song can add a wonderful intensity and romanticism to a moment you will never forget. It is a hugely personal moment and often one that has been imagined for some time. 

“Blue Topaz played at our wedding at the weekend, and they were absolutely brilliant. In the lead up to the wedding they were responsive and professional, and on the day they added incredible atmosphere and a really fun and relaxed feel. I couldn’t recommend them more – all the guests said how much they loved them and the photographer kept telling me to stop dancing around on the spot as she was trying to take photos. Thank you Blue Topaz!”

– Rosamund Drew – public google review
photo shows a violin laid on a wooden shelf in the Westminster Room, the Old Marylebone Town Hall, London. Next to it is a light up sign which reads @bluetopazmusic
One of our violins in the Westminster Room at the Old Marylebone Town Hall in London.

Here at Blue Topaz and as part of our service we invest time in the run up to the wedding liaising and helping couples with their walking down the aisle song and other music choices and also advising which string group will best suit the couples’ musical preferences. This can be done over emails, over the phone or for clients who prefer an extra level of service, in person.

Perhaps you already know your walking down the aisle song? Or maybe you have a feeling about the mood you’d like to create, but would like a bit of advice on what might work? Some couples love the idea of live strings but have no clue where to start. Whichever couple you are we can advise accordingly and deliver the perfect wedding ceremony soundtrack for your day.


Canon – Pachelbel

The most popular song for walking down the aisle is definitely Pachelbel’s Canon in D. It is popular for a reason! It is beautiful and serene with gorgeous harmonies that are still loved by many despite the more modern wedding alternatives that are now available. On a practical note the pattern of the music repeats many times so it doesn’t matter if you have 10 bridesmaids or none – there will be more than enough music! 

I prefer a more modern/pop choice as my walking down the aisle song – will that translate ok?


Paradise – Coldplay

It will. Because we shall make it so!

We have many years experience in ensuring that your song choice will sound great on strings and also to make sure that when you reach the front we will draw the music to a natural close at an appropriate place.

What if my favourite song that I’d like to have as my walking down the aisle song isn’t listed on your song list?

You can still have it!

We offer a number of additional services that compliment our string groups. One of these is our ability to recreate any song so that it works as an instrumental string version for our string groups. This enables us to completely personalise it exactly for the walking down the aisle song. 

Some couples have asked us to recreate exact sections of their favourite song or give us an instruction on how they would like us to play it, for example, slower or a more romantically. Other couples are happy for us to go for it our way, based on listening to our existing music and how we have translated the music compared with the original songs.

Blue Topaz String Quintet
The Blue Topaz String Quintet – an upbeat alternative to the traditional string quartet

“Blue Topaz were an incredible addition to our wedding ceremony, not only was their repertoire incredible but they also personally arranged two of our favourite songs to be performed for the occasion which meant a lot to us and made our day all the more memorable. Thank you all!”

— Abigail Knight

Abigail (testimonial above) recently asked us to especially arrange ‘Heroes’ by David Bowie as her walking down the aisle song and ‘Get Lucky’ by Daft Punk for her exit. We love her taste!

Afterwards I received the below email in addition to her lovely testimonial,

“Honestly it was absolutely incredible – we could not have asked for anything better to make our ceremony special”

What are Blue Topaz Strings’ favourite walking down the aisle songs?

We never tire of playing Canon by Pachelbel. It is actually quite perfect! However in addition, one of our huge favourites has to be At Last made famous by Etta James. This song has also had an increase in popularity since the pandemic as so many couples have had to postpone and reschedule their wedding days. 

At Last – Etta James
Blue Topaz String Trio at One Marylebone, London, wearing our matching jewelled navy dresses
Blue Topaz String Trio at One Marylebone, London, wearing our matching jewelled navy dresses

Are you planning your wedding? Do you already know your walking down the aisle song and would like to have it played on strings? Or maybe you would you like to book a call with Anna to chat through some ideas? 

Feel free to get in touch with us here.

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