Engaged this Christmas? Here are 5 next steps whilst basking in it!

Engaged this Christmas? Did you know, more people get engaged between 24th December and New Year than any other time of year – some studies suggest a figure of around 40%!

Did you get engaged this Christmas? Or maybe you are your partner are gearing up for popping the question in the next couple of days?!

At least one of our London wedding modern string group members falls in to this statistic! More on that later 😉

Whether you have recently become engaged this Christmas? (congratulations!) Or it is on the cards, as an experienced London wedding modern string group we thought it might be helpful to write a broad plan of action and a few musical ideas for consideration so that you can enjoy the process and guard against overwhelm! 

Photo shows London wedding modern string group wearing rose pink dresses holding instruments standing on the steps outside Nonsuch Mansion and smiling at the camera
String Trio at Nonsuch Mansion in London

Engaged this Christmas?

1.Enjoy the moment!

Even if you are planning a fairly swift wedding you can at least take a couple of days to savour just ‘being’ engaged. No planning, no ‘to do’ lists yet. Just enjoy being with each other and being engaged!

2. Dates and Venue:

The next move is usually to decide on a couple of possible dates which also ties in with your venue choice. It might be that you are set on a particular venue but this means a compromise on the date, or vice versa.. think about which is most important for you and maybe also consider checking your dates with key guests. With regard to choosing your venue, also think about whether you would like to dry hire (hire only the building and bring everything else in separately) or book a venue that already has everything in situ, including the all important catering.

3. Wedding dress:

So you’ve decided on the type of wedding day, you have the date and the venue booked. Yay! If you’re going for a bespoke wedding dress and you have more than 6 months to go this should come next as it can take a while for this to get turned around. If you’re a little more chilled about what you’ll be wearing or are happy with off the peg move on to..


It probably goes without saying that as a London wedding modern string group, we’re fairly big on suppliers!! Seriously though, this is where you get to really personalise your wedding day.

Start with writing an initial list of suppliers.

Which photographer might you engage? Will you have flowers? A cake? And never to be forgotten…

Which music will you choose?!

Music is perhaps one of the most personal ways to demonstrate your love and feelings for each other. The walking down the aisle song, the signing of the register, your walking out music – the first song played to celebrate you as a married couple together. It can also create the vibe you wish to generate for your guests during the rest of the day and inform the kind of atmosphere you want to achieve.

Engaged this Christmas? Image shows Anna and Libby Croad standing next to a flower arrangement at the Old Marylebone Town Hall Westminster Room. They are holding violins and smiling at the cameran
Anna and Libby Croad, directors and professional violinists of Blue Topaz Strings – a London Wedding Modern String Group supplier. Photo shows the Westminster Room at the Old Marylebone Town Hall in London where we are regularly engaged to perform for wedding ceremonies.

5. Ideas where music can enhance your day:

If you hadn’t considered how live music can be included in your planning here are the main spots where adding a musical element can transform your wedding day, no matter the size of the party.

a) The pre ceremony welcome / guest arrival spot: This is where a live beautiful London wedding modern string group such as Blue Topaz Strings can offer a gorgeous musical atmosphere to set the scene of your day and get everything off to the best start.

At Last – Etta James

b) The Ceremony: The Walking Down the Aisle moment, during the signing of the register and your exit together are all moments where adding live string music can add a wonderful poignancy and highlight the love you have for each other.

c) The Drinks Reception: The legal bit is DONE! Now the celebration begins!

How better to set the vibe than with some London wedding modern string group such as the Blue Topaz String Trio or Quintet playing well known versions of modern pop songs played on stringed instruments?! Will you go 70s with some David Bowie or James Brown? 80s with The Cure or Madness or 90s and beyond with Bitter Sweet Symphony, Ed Sheeran, Clean Bandit and Bruno Mars?!

Happy – Pharrell Williams

d) The Wedding Breakfast: You can create a lovely dinner atmosphere here with some sophisticated classical, jazz classics or pop ballads. Our London wedding modern string group can play any of these styles.

LiveBand Londonweddingmodernstringgrouprecommendation - Blue Topaz Strings
Live Band! Band recommendation example by London Wedding Modern String Group – Blue Topaz Strings

e) Post dinner entertainment: If you’re having a smaller more intimate wedding you might like to keep some live string music for your post dinner drinks and to prolong the party and atmosphere and encourage your guests to stick around!

If you’ve gone big with your guest numbers why not hire a band?! Having a live band can bring a huge vibe to your day and give you and all your guests a great opportunity to let off steam, dancing the night away! With so many bands on the internet it can be tricky to know where to begin so if you’d like a recommendation please just ask! – Being established professional musicians and with our 16 years in the event business we know the good people!

So there you have it. It’s not intended as an exhaustive list, but hopefully this article helps you get an idea of how to approach your planning and how adding some live music like our London wedding modern string group can transform your day!

Happy engagement!

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