Wedding ceremony songs – 7 perfect moments for music at your wedding

There are some key moments during your wedding day when music can really add all important atmosphere and poignancy to your day. Here are 7 points where you could consider live music for your wedding:

  1. Pre Ceremony Welcome Music

    Perhaps this is the most important moment of all as it creates the perfect atmosphere from the very outset! Your guests will arrive and take their seats and will be greeted with beautiful welcoming music. It sets the scene and may also help calm one partner’s nerves as they wait for the arrival of their spouse to be! We recommend this from between 15-30 minutes before the wedding ceremony start time.

  2. The Entrance

    A significant moment for any wedding is the entrance and the walking down the aisle song! The moment many nearlyweds to be have dreamt of and envisioned for some time, this song often holds a deep significance to the couple in question. If you have a favourite song we can create a string version of it especially for your day. Here’s one (At Last, Etta James) that we have already arranged. It has been particularly popular for couples who are finally able to tie the knot having postponed due to the pandemic.

At Last – Etta James

3. The Signing of the Register

The signing of the register is normally around 5 minutes for a civil ceremony and often a little longer for a church ceremony. We recommend music here as your guests are waiting whilst you take care of the legal paperwork, so it’s a nice touch to give them a mini concert for some entertainment. This is another great moment to choose a couple of your favourite songs. We love I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing by Aerosmith!

Put them in order of preference to make sure you get the best one played in full just incase the time runs out and you’re ready to move to…

I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing – Aerosmith

4. The Exit

Your first ever song as a married couple together! This should be a rousing and triumphant send off for your new chapter! We love Marry You by Bruno Mars.

Marry You – Bruno Mars

5. The Drinks Reception

With the formal bit done you’ll want to create a buzzing and celebratory feel for your post ceremony drinks. We recommend going with modern and fun upbeat numbers here like our version of Highway to the Danger Zone from the film Top Gun!!

Highway To The Danger Zone – Kenny Loggins

6. The Wedding Breakfast

It can work well to add a little atmosphere whilst you enjoy your meal. We like to keep it modern but go a little more relaxed here with some of our jazz favourites or some chilled pop like Bitter Sweet Symphony.

Bitter Sweet Symphony – The Verve

7. The First Dance

Why not have a romantic string version created of your First Dance Song! Violins and string instruments can add beauty and interest to this heartfelt moment. Here’s our version of It Is You from the film, Shrek, that we created for one happy couple and a photo of them dancing to our music, mid step!

Now I know I said 7 good spots to have music on your wedding day, but rebelliously I’m going to include an 8th!

A rebellious 8! – Post Wedding Breakfast Entertainment

More recently couples have also been asking us to provide post dinner entertainment for their guests to help continue the party vibe – particularly when they either haven’t been allowed or haven’t wanted to book a full band. This can also work really well for smaller weddings, so perhaps something to consider, especially if you are getting married before 21st June this year.

I hope this has been useful if you are planning your wedding and for a few ideas for wedding ceremony songs. If you’d like to discuss musical ideas for some or all of the 7 (8?!) perfect moments for music at your wedding feel free to get in touch for a ‘no strings attached’ chat (see what I did there…)

All the very best for your big day!


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