Orangery Wedding Venues – String Quartet alternative for an Orangery Wedding in Kensington

As the rules surrounding Covid-19 begin to ease and the sun comes out as does wedding inspiration, so why not consider a beautiful orangery wedding venue accompanied by string quartet? A little while back this couple (J and H) decided on the gorgeous Holland Park Orangery for their wedding in Kensington and also got in touch with me to see if they could book a string quartet.

Read on to see why they ended up choosing differently and how we delivered their perfect wedding soundtrack. Beautiful pics also included!

holland park orangery wedding music - Blue Topaz Strings
The bride on her way to be married at the Orangery in Kensington accompanied by our String Quintet

When someone enquires and asks for our string quartet we always check the kinds of music they are interested in hearing. This is because we might like to offer a string quartet alternative or different line up that is better suited to their musical preferences. A wedding supplier colleague recently said to me,

“Anna, the term ‘string quartet’ is like ‘hoover’ – people just mean any group of string musicians” (or vacuum cleaners – depending on your context!)

So bearing the above in mind, it is even more important for us to have this conversation with our clients to ensure they are receiving what they actually want.

J and H had asked for a string quartet, however their musical preferences were for a mix of musical styles, playing mainly instrumental pop covers so I directed them towards our String Quintet.

Blue Topaz String Quintet at Holland Park Orangery
Blue Topaz String Quintet at Holland Park Orangery

Above is our String Quintet . We all look pretty serious here – we must have been concentrating!

In any case this is what J and H gained by choosing our String Quintet over the string Quartet for their particular requirements:

  1. All the very best pop and modern repertoire arranged expertly by us. We capture the essence of the songs through our unique writing and instrumental performance

  2. Not the usual four – but a standout FIVE professional and smartly turned out musicians accompanying their wedding

  3. A massive and brilliantly eye-catching double bass! (There is no double bass in a string quartet). The bass plucks and slaps the strings for the pop and modern songs which adds a fantastic energy

  4. A rich full sound for the ballads and love songs but a punchy and exciting vibe for the pop and rock numbers!

  5. Not only an increased aural impact but also a visual wow factor from seeing five string players perform
Blue Topaz String Quintet playing joyful music for this couples’ exit piece at the Holland Park Orangery in Kensington
Blue Topaz String Quintet playing joyful music for this couples’ exit piece at the Holland Park Orangery in Kensington

This Orangery in Kensington also has a gorgeous outside wedding space which is directly adjacent to the Orangery itself. Sometimes an extra guest arrives in the form of a peacock! – (they seem to like it there!). J and H also hired an elegant marquee with gorgeous little sofas inside.

Here you can see the outside wedding space of this wedding venue with our String Quintet performing our best pop string instrumental songs outside for J and H’s reception. We’re tucked in the corner on the right!

img 61fbd2423f2f2 - Blue Topaz Strings

J and H were delighted with our String Quartet alternative and their Orangery wedding venue. As a result of choosing our String Quintet they got to hear fantastic instrumental versions all their favourite pop songs, whilst getting married at the beautiful wedding venue that is the Orangery Holland Park in Kensington, London.

Our String Quintet played a whole range of songs for this booking. You can listen to a few examples here:

Bitter Sweet Symphony – The Verve
Let’s Dance – David Bowie
Marry You – Bruno Mars

Read more about our String Quartet alternatives and groups with double bass here.

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With thanks to beauty therapist Ema for the hoover / string quartet analogy 🙂

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